The Cullsims


Carlisle in scrubs makes me happy.

Aro came to visit.  The Cullen bros didn’t seem to know what to make of him.

In what must be a lost chapter of New Moon, Bella hits the “angry girl rock” stage of her break-up with Edward and plays for Jacob and Charlie. 

The Cullens’ eye-rolling game is strong. 

"You look different, Jacob… new shirt?" 

"You look different, Jacob… new shirt?" 

Oct 7

Esme and Carlisle’s flirty faces crack me up.

Oct 6

Leah was hanging out at Eerie Park and ran into Jacob. 

Bella and Jacob hang out at “La Shove Beach” but Bella does not like fishing and eventually bails. 

So, uh, where were we?  Oh right, New Moon. 

Bella confronts Jacob about his extreme makeover—the new haircut and suddenly studly physique. 

Alice was  successful at her claw game, but Esme seems frustrated with whack-a-werewolf.