The Cullsims


Um, guys? I think you did it backwards. She’s supposed to jump into his arms. 

Oh well, super vampire strength applies to the ladies, too. 

Edward attempts to tell Emmett a joke. 

When Edward came back from China, it took a while for the Cullen house to load properly… so Jasper was playing online chess on a floating computer in Carlisle’s study while Esme and Carlisle lounged on an invisible bed.

this may be of interest Sims 2 ultimate is a free download from origin.

I had heard something about that!  Very cool, thanks!

do you like the vampire diaries ?

I’ve never really watched it so I don’t have an opinion on it either way. 

More of Edward studying martial arts in China because it makes me laugh. 

Carlisle visits Esme as she works on her latest painting and they ~share a moment. 

There’s no “South America” in my sims game, so Edward ended up running away to China to brood instead. He tried to keep his mind off Bella, but, oh! it was impossible!

Emmett and Rosalie were oblivious, having another of their moments, gazing into each others’ eyes with wonder—it was rather disgusting to watch from the outside. We were all quite aware how desperately in love they were. Or maybe I was just being bitter because I was the only one alone. Some days it was harder than others to live with three sets of perfectly matched lovers. This was one of them.

Me and my friend Alayna make the twilight saga with sims 3 we even have a page do you think you'd be interested in looking? :) and i feel the same way about them not looking like the actors 100% none of mine look like but they are inspired by if that makes sense lol

Sure I’d love to see them!