The Cullsims


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Esme and Alice share a sweet mother/daughter moment…which Rosalie walks in on and seems to have a problem with? 

Also these are Alice and Rosalie’s choice of pajamas. Make of that what you will. 

While Edward was moping in South America China, Jacob is slowing putting the pieces of Bella back together. 

Aug 4

Sometimes Edward just has to let it all out.  Thankfully Carlisle has the patience of a saint. 

Aug 2

I just have the regular Sims 3 for the Xbox (I'm gonna get it for the PC soon) so idk if there are any major differences between the normal vs the supernatural version (that's the one you have, right?). But did you have Carlisle get a job at the hospital? Did he have to earn the money you have? Or did you use cheats or something? Because judging from your house you have a lot of it lol

Supernatural adds the magical stuff like vampires and werewolves and whatnot, but that’s the only real difference.  You can get most of the same gameplay with the normal version, you just don’t get actual vampires, witches, fairies, werewolves and zombies. 

And yes—there was a lot of cheating. lol. I figured in order to do the Cullens up right I had to make them rich.  Carlisle does have a real job at the hospital there though.  Jasper is in the military career too.  Alice is in the fortune teller career but I’m pretty sure that’s only available with Supernatural. 

hold down ctrl+shift+C at the same time, and then you type in ‘motherlode’ 

it gives you I think $50,000 in sims money every time you do it. That’s how my Cullens made most of their money. haha. 

If you want to cheat a little less, holding ctrl+shift+C and typing ‘kaching’ gets you $1000

Alice and Rosalie have a tense conversation (or something?) and Emmett seems to be waiting for a cat fight to break out. 

Um, guys? I think you did it backwards. She’s supposed to jump into his arms. 

Oh well, super vampire strength applies to the ladies, too. 

Edward attempts to tell Emmett a joke. 

When Edward came back from China, it took a while for the Cullen house to load properly… so Jasper was playing online chess on a floating computer in Carlisle’s study while Esme and Carlisle lounged on an invisible bed.

this may be of interest Sims 2 ultimate is a free download from origin.

I had heard something about that!  Very cool, thanks!