The Cullsims


Edward & Esme and Emmett & Carlisle. 

I don’t know what was going on in either situation, but Esme seemed to make Edward feel better and Carlisle looks like he’s kind of exasperated with Emmett. 

Oh, Edward… 

Oh, Edward… 

IDK this one just makes me laugh. 

IDK this one just makes me laugh. 

Esme and Rosalie have a pillow fight. 

traits rant

I love looking at the other versions of the Twilight characters people make for Sims 3, but I feel like people are using the traits all wrong.

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Jasper walks right by brooding Edward to go play computer games in Carlisle’s study. 

Love that Edward is thinking about an hourglass.  Brooding about time and immortality and eternity, no doubt.  Poor thing. 

Edward’s piano playing draws everyone to him.  First Alice, then Emmett, then Jasper* (who joins Alice in dancing) and finally even Rosalie succumbs to the siren call of Edward’s music.

*featuring Jasper’s short-lived ‘new’ hairdo I quickly replaced.  


I can’t tell if they were intentionally made to be this snarky, or they just had a really bitter individual write the book descriptions.

Sep 8

The Hale ‘Twins’ watch TV

Sep 7

Checking in on the Cullens… 
Rosalie and Jasper watch TV together. Jasper’s really into it.
Alice is like 4000% DONE with Emmett’s lack of art appreciation
Carlisle just got home from work yet HE is the one giving Esme a massage. Husband of the year!
And Edward sits on the floor, brooding, alone. 

(Yes I realize their house should be bigger/fancier but I hate playing in huge houses)