The Cullsims


Bella and Jacob hang out at “La Shove Beach” but Bella does not like fishing and eventually bails. 

So, uh, where were we?  Oh right, New Moon. 

Bella confronts Jacob about his extreme makeover—the new haircut and suddenly studly physique. 

Alice was  successful at her claw game, but Esme seems frustrated with whack-a-werewolf. 

I found Garrett (in formal wear, for some reason?), Alistair, Charlotte, Peter and Kebi sitting/standing awkwardly around Eerie Park. 

Seeing Kebi without Amun was weird and I’m not sure what she’s wearing? I think those are her gym clothes?

Jasper and Esme bond over plasma (blood) juice and show off their fangs. 

(Jasper still has his old hair and is in his PJs)

AU: Carlisle was able to save Esme’s human baby. As a result, she never jumped of the cliff and stayed human. They fall in love anyway. Carlisle adopts the baby as his own, and Edward becomes a doting big brother to Esme’s son. 

Edward & Esme and Emmett & Carlisle. 

I don’t know what was going on in either situation, but Esme seemed to make Edward feel better and Carlisle looks like he’s kind of exasperated with Emmett. 

Oh, Edward… 

Oh, Edward… 

IDK this one just makes me laugh. 

IDK this one just makes me laugh. 

Esme and Rosalie have a pillow fight.